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Dave’s Music Discoveries of 2014

February 2, 2015

Shortly after my wedding in August of 2013, I took a look at my playlist and found it to be quite 90’s heavy. I decided, it’s time to update the library. I think my timing for this move was very good because I am really loving the current indy music scene. Whenever you get a band that’s described as having a rock/folk/synth/pop kind of sound, I’m in! Also, with the existence of great music tools like Songza or Rdio, I can really explore and be on the cutting edge of what is up and coming. I thought I would share some of the top new album releases from this past year that I found to be worthy of multiple repeats. I hope you like these discoveries as much as I do!

1) Belt by In The Valley Below


I’m surprised these guys haven’t gone huge yet. This was a solid album start to finish and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve put it on. The band doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet, so you know they’re still really new, but here’s a link to their SoundCloud page for you: Their big hit is Peaches, but I like a few of their other songs like Hymnal, Lost Soul or especially Dove Season better. It’s one of those songs that has such a perfectly in-sync melody and harmony that it’s hard to tell which is which.  Dove season isn’t on the Soundcloud, but maybe a youtube search will bring it up for you..

2) Self-Titled Album by Leisure Cruise

Leisure Cruise

This album got me through a few runs this past summer.  Great album, if you can get past all the naked bums on the cover.  Although the group was formed in Brooklyn, Canadian born Dave Hodge is one of the 2 members (He was involved with Broken Social Scene & Bran Van 3000). He paired up with Brooklyn native Leah Siegel to create this album (the male/female group combo seems to work for me!).  The album’s concept is based on the question, “If humanity had to evacuate the earth and relocate to a new planet, what would the soundtrack be for that?”  I reccommend listening to the album as a whole.  If you scroll to the bottom of their soundcloud page, it’s all there including the track numbers: PS, they’ll be in Vancouver March 1st at The Media Club.  Anyone want to go with me?  $13.50 is a great price for a show!

3) Pure Adulterated Joy by Morning Parade

Pure Adulterated Joy

This band has a bit more of a rock sensibility than the first two groups, and the first song may have you thinking that that’s all they are about. Track two, Alienation, is the one that stands out for me. Strong chorus and beautiful harmonies. This song shows that they are capable of blurring the genre lines as well. For the most part though, the electronic side is more in the background, but every track is different. The pace is pretty high for the whole thing so this album is decent for running to as well. Culture Vulture is the last track, and it gets in my head; it’s lyrically clever. Here is the video for Alienation:

4) Language & Perspective by Bad Suns

Language & Perspective

I first discovered these guys with the release of their EP entitled Transpose in January of 2014, but I had to wait until June for the full album. Their hit is Cardiac Arrest, for good reason. I would agree that it is their best on the album but Salt and Transpose are also good. Here’s the hit for your viewing pleasure:

5) Self-Titled Album by The Colourist

The Colourist

This group is another great male/female vocal combo. And I must say that I’m proud of them for spelling colour correctly despite coming out of California. I’m not sure which song to specifically recommend; I like them all. But feel free to explore their stuff on SoundCloud:

On a final note, I’m going to give an honourable mention to a band called Twiceyoung and their 6 song album called Prefer You. Although the album came out in 2014, I didn’t discover them until early this year. Check out the first song I heard and see what you think:

Hope all you new music fans were able to find something you didn’t know about previously and can now enjoy. I’m hoping I can do this again next year. I’ll make sure I do if I get some good feedback.