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Vote for my “Totally Looks Like” Submission!

July 28, 2010

Hey everyone! Just yesterday I mentioned a site that I discovered. Right now my submission is getting voted on. I said that “Frank Lampard Totally Looks Like Matthew Bellamy of Muse”, so if everyone could go to it and give me a 5/5 vote that would be swell. I’d love to be put on the “featured pics” tab..

It’s still on the first page for now under the “Vote” tab. Here’s the┬ádirect┬álink:


Totally Looks Like

July 27, 2010

Quick post. I just discovered one of the sub categories of LOL Catz that I haven’t looked at before. It’s a comparison of how different people look like each other. Some are funny, some are mean, some are totally spot on! I submitted one myself, so we’ll see if that goes up. Also, I took a screen shot of one and submitted it to Fail Blog. I’ll let you know if I see either..

Anyway, check out the site. I really connected with it because it’s something that I do all the time!