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Jimmy Fallon is Bothered

June 24, 2010

This is a funny video that deserves a look at:

It has humour about the World Cup – you can’t go wrong!  It also makes me want to watch more of them when I can have some decent sound..

“No actual cup, no actual world, no actual thank you!”

Here’s more of them if you’re interested:


Oh Yeah I forgot, NHL Playoff Summary

June 18, 2010

I sort of got distracted with the world cup.  I forgot to post how I fared with my own pool format.  I didn’t have any competition, so I won!  Anyway:

1st Round

WSH in 4 – 0 points
PHI in 7 – 2 points
BUF in 5- 0 points
PIT in 5 – 3 points
SJS in 7 – 3 points
CHI in 5 – 3 points
VAN in 6 – 5 points
DET in 6 – 3 points

Total: 19 points
2nd Round

PIT in 6 – 0 points
PHI in 5 – 2 points

SJS in 7 – 2 points
CHI in 6 – 5 points

Total: 9 points

East: MTL in 7 – 0 points
West: CHI in 6 – 2 points

Total: 2 points

Stanley Cup Finals:

CHI in 5 – 3 points

Grand Total: 33 points

I think I did okay.  I’m happy with the way that went.  And with the result.  Maybe next year I can get some other people making some picks.  But for now, it’s World Cup time!  So who cares anymore!?


Badger Footy

June 18, 2010

I think it’s a good time to bring this back..  It’s pointless and weird, but also awesome and catchy.  I’ll run you through this in the order that I saw them.

First was the original song, just about badgers.  It goes on forever, have fun.

The next one I saw was a Harry Potter version:

And finally, speaking of badgers and English schooling..  The reason I showed you those two was so you could fully appreciate this one:

I personally love the way the score actually follows along.  Try saying England 12 times fast; it’s not easy!