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I’m a good driver (definitely)

April 29, 2010

Sometimes I take for granted the things I am capable of..  Imagine if this person tried to parallel park without having boatloads of space!



April 29, 2010

Okay, I’m going to give myself a score for my prediction accuracy. Here’s how it’s going to work:
0 points for calling the wrong team to win.
1 point for the right call, but being as far from the series length as possible (ie a team wins in 7 instead of sweeping)
2 points for being two games off
3 points for being one game from the actual results
5 points for a perfect prediction

Hey, I think this would make for a good pool format!

So here are my results for the first round:

WSH in 4 – 0 points
PHI in 7 – 2 points
BUF in 5- 0 points
PIT in 5 – 3 points
SJS in 7 – 3 points
CHI in 5 – 3 points
VAN in 6 – 5 points
DET in 6 – 3 points

Total: 19 points

I got killed in the east, but I think everybody did. Who knew the top 3 teams would all get the boot. Wow.

Next round! Here we go! My predictions:

East: PIT in 6, PHI in 5
West: SJS in 7, CHI in 6


Playoff Update

April 22, 2010

So this is how things are looking so far..  I’m going to be off by at least a game in the Washington series, and New Jersey could still prove me right if they battle back a little bit before choking.  I was way off with Buffalo from calling their dissapointing performance, but I’m right on the money with Pittsburg.  San Jose is an even series so far but I’m hoping Colorado take it now for my work pool.  I was wrong with Chicago, but hopefully they can come back in the series and at least survive until the next round.  It’s still close.  Both Vancouver and Detroit need to win the next two to prove me right, but I have a new plan: I’d like to see Detroit lose.


2010 NHL Playoff Predictions

April 14, 2010

East: WSH in 4, PHI in 7, BUF in 5, PIT in 5
West: SJS in 7, CHI in 5, VAN in 6, DET in 6

Let’s see how I do..