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Muse Concert at the ACC

March 10, 2010

Muse @ the ACC in Toronto – March 8, 2010.  What a great concert!  I admit, I didn’t get into Muse until just recently – even though they’ve already been together as a band for a full decade.  I’m glad that I did get exposed to them in time for this concert; who knows when the next one will be?

My first time hearing their stuff was when I saw the Twilight movie in late 2008.  Their song “Supermassive Blackhole” was played as a montage over the vampire baseball scene.  I thought it was a really cool sound so I asked the question, “Who is that?”  It turns out that Stephanie Meyer is a big fan, and she really wanted one of their songs in the movie version of her book.  It was a good call by her, and a good call by them to go for it.  But it wasn’t until one of my poker buddies played me some more of their stuff that I really started listening to more of their library.  I was really impressed by the combination of classical piano and the lead singer’s voice that sounds like it’s straight out of an Italian opera in some songs.  Combine that with the fact that Matthew Bellamy is a true guitar hero (playable character in GH5) and you can’t go wrong.

So, about the concert itself.  The last concert I saw was U2 in the SkyDome, and I was really impressed by the display.  But Muse did even better!  Lights and lasers were spectacular.  A bit trippy at times too.  I did smell a bit of the “wacky tobaccy” floating around the arena, but I don’t think the “enhancement” was at all neccessary.  I can’t imagine what anyone who was high might have been experiencing!  Also, whoever they have as a visual artist is a genious.  The graphics they had on the big screens were quite a variety of things from CSI type computer displays to visuals taken from an old Space Invaders game.  From displays of the cosmos to effects on the molecular level.  And of course they had their standard political protest type footage mixed in with shots of the band and the crowd.  I’d say it all added to the whole concert experience quite nicely.

I listen mostly to 102.1 the edge whenever I turn on the radio.  It’s good that they’ve been playing their new singles a lot, but I don’t like that they didn’t prep the newer audience by playing some of their older stuff.  Do radio stations have certain guidelines about such things?  True, the song list at the concert did focus more of their new material – that’s to be expected – but they have good stuff that dates all the way back to 1999!  Maybe I should request something from their “Showbiz” album on the Nineties Nooner..

The opening act was The Silversun Pickups.  They were good too.  They played all the songs they were expected to.  They seem to be the kind of band that puts out a lot of solid noise when they play.  The lead singer’s voice sounds a big funny at times, but his screaming range is quite good.  The drummer was very entertaining to watch too.  He had a symbol set up to his right that was way above his head, but when he hit it he could really giv’er..  Plus he added some fun little flourishes when there was a pause, he stretched between songs that looked like he was either bored or raring to go, and throwing sticks into the crowd never lost a drummer any fans.  Unless they somehow impaled someone, but I think the odds of that happening would be pretty slim..  As for the base player, I would have liked to have seen and/or heard more enthusiasm from her.  Maybe she had a cold or something?  Who knows?

In summary: concert, hero, lasers, radio, giv’er.  Thanks for reading.

Ps, I found an article that was written by someone with much of the same opinions as me.  I know you just finished reading an article, but if you’re interested, here it is: