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Sonic Youth

February 22, 2010

So, I’ve been totally re-organizing my iPod.  Instead of organizing things by favourite songs all put together on a “best of” list, I’m listening to whole albums.  I’m starting with some 90’s classics.  It was while I was listening to the album Goo by Sonic Youth that I came across the best quote I’ve heard in a while..  While I was listening to the album, I was reading up on the band in Wikipedia.  This is what it had to say about the band’s instrument improvisation:

“[Sonic Youth] could only afford cheap guitars, and cheap guitars sounded like cheap guitars. But with weird tunings or something jammed under a particular Fret, those humble instruments could sound rather amazing – bang a Drumstick on a cheap Japanese Stratocaster” copy in the right tuning, crank the amplifier to within an inch of its life, and it will sound like church bells”

Now I know…