Wheel of Time Series

November 26, 2009

I’m currently reading The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan.  Right now I’m half way through book 10.  So far so good – I was motivated to know what happens enough to have read this far, right?  I’m almost caught up to where the series has been held at for a while.

Book 11 was released in 2005 and then the author unfortunately died in 2007.  The good news is that he passed on important plot details before he died.  An author named Brandon Sanderson was chosen to finish the series, and book 12 was just released about a month ago.  I’m intrested to see how well the new writter maintains Jordan’s ‘voice’ in this new novel.  I should get there pretty soon..


There are a few things that interest me about the series.  First of all, there is significant character arc from where everyone started to where they are by the later books.  It’s done in reasonable ways with each character that make sense for each of them.

I also like the way he describes the magic of the world.  He explains very specifically the ways they concentrate in their minds in order to make it work – it’s almost like a ‘how-to’ – and you almost feel like you can give it a try yourself.

The description of some of the sword fighting is quite creative as well.  He describes what he refers to as ‘sword forms’.  A fighter using these forms flows from one form to the next, but he doesn’t explain what kind of motion is involved; the title of the form is very descriptive.  A couple of examples would be “Parting the Silk”, “The Moon Rises Over the Lakes” or “The Falling Leaf”.  So he just makes reference to the sword form, and the reader uses imagination to picture what it might look like.

If you like fantasy, and you haven’t read them, I would recommend them.  If you have read them, don’t spoil anything for me; I’m not done yet!



  1. I would love to draw out what the motions look like in my head, and compare it to other peoples! Once I’ve read the series that is.

    • There is info in the internet written by fans that give full descriptions. Are you interested in the series though? That would be cool. Have I ever steered you wrong?

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